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Tuesday, November 13, 2012 ,12:01 AM (+ 0)

* He is just a kid. Smacks Luhan*

Hellooooo guys ? Finally I got the chance to update a post ! Omg how I missed you guys so much but I know you don't miss me at all, I'm used to it lmao . Omg sorry for not updating really. I am just too lazy to online. Everything is boring for me. I open my computer or laptop just to update my fanfics. And Love Recall is now at Chapter 9 and I have also posted my English debut fanfic ; view it here ! omg my english is so bad but I take that as a challenge for me to improve my english and writing skills.

About my results *coughs* you don't need to know. Don't beg me to tell you , sorry maybe next time or maybe i will never tell you xD but I am proud somehow because I've improved a lot for some subjects. But there is this one subject which spoils everything. Guess.

By the way, take it look at the new look of my blog *coughs* it seems familiar right ? yeah i got inspired by a tumblr theme, check out the credits section to take a look at the original theme. But for my blog template, I've coded everything by MYSELF. I don't steal people's codes. Just got inspired from it so please do not mistaken that !

Actually I'm having a fever right now. It's like more than 3 days now. I'm not feeling well at all, and that is why I am too lazy to online. Perhaps I should just went for hangout with my friends or just stay at home and rest. I can watch kdramas too. Just borrowed Heartstrings from my friend. Omg don't blame me for not watching that yet. I don't watch kdramas often tbh T-T After I have finished watching Heartstrings, I will borrow Sungkyungkwan Scandal from her. Park Min Young eonnie and Park Yoo Chun oppar *o*

So is there any kdramas that you like and would like to recommend it to me ? Post your comment below ! I am searching for interesting kdramas to watch !

Oh anyways, lately I've been dreaming about EXO the whole time. I've dreamed about Luhan kissing me and I have also dreamed about OT12 .___. Is Luhan trying to steal me from Chanyeol ? D: ANDWAE I WON'T LET HIM I SWEAR. Please go away Luhan and I hope Chanyeol will appear in my dream after this, ALONE sobs T-T However I will cherish Luhan's kiss forever <3 u mad ? stay mad lawl jk. Please don't kill meh everyone D:
Recently I've bought To The Beautiful You OST Album and there's actually some of the EXO members in the photobook ! (I thought there won't be a photobook but there is !) Although it cost me like almost RM100, I will never regret of buying it because of EXO gomapta oppars and not to forget my Lee Hyun Woo yeobbeo :*

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