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KPOP Contest by Ain Najwa
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 ,5:39 PM (+ 0)
annyeong guys, harini pika nak join contest yang ain najwa buat ^^ mana lah tahu ada luck nak menang ke heheh lagipun nak juga menang hadiah dia yang awesome tu TT so wish me good luck ! heheh
First of all, ini bukti pika dah follow blog ain dan twitter ain .
Click gambar tu kalau tak nampak ^^ Dan ini soalan-soalan dia.
I would like to join this K-Pop Contest by Ain Najwa because I would like to try my luck to win this contest and because I'm die-hard fans of Kpop, I'm very interested to join this contest and win those awesome prizes offered by the organizer :)
1. When was the B1A4 High Five Fans Meeting at The Butter Factory, KL ? 
- 30 September 2012 @ 04:16PM

2. Who are A Pink members ? (state the full name)
- Park Cho Rong
- Yoon Bo Mi
- Jung Eun Ji
- Son Na Eun
- Hong Yoo Kyung
- Kim Nam Joo
- Oh Ha Young

3. Who is Lee Hyun Woo and what drama he had performed ?
- a South Korean actor who recently casted as one of the actors in To The Beautiful You as Cha Eun Gyeol and these are the dramas he had performed :- 
* Oolla Boolla Blue-jjang
* Spring Day
* Hwarang Fighter Maru
* The Legend
* Lobbyist
* King Sejong the Great
* Things We Do that We Know We Will Regret
* The Return of Iljimae
* Queen Seondeok
* Give me Food
* God of Study
* Gye Baek
* Brain
* Equator Man
* To The Beautiful You

4. When was Sun Hwa from Secret birthday ?
- 6 October 1990

5. Name all the members of BTOB (Born to Beat)
- Seo Eun Kwang
- Lee Min Hyuk
- Lee Chang Sub
- Lim Hyun Sik
- Shin Peniel D.
- Jung Il Hoon
- Yook Sung Jae

6. Which band sing this song, Beautiful Hangover ?
- Big Bang

7. When is G-Dragon's birthday ?
- 18 August 1988

8. Who is Gongchan Shik and when is his birthday ?
- A member from B1A4 and also the maknae, vocalist and visual of the group. His birthday is on 14 August 1993

9. State all Running Man's members.
- Yu Jae Suk
- Gary
- Ha-ha
- Ji Suk Jin
- Kim Jong Kook
- Lee Kwang Soo
- Song Ji Hyo

10. Where is Peniel from BTOB comes from?
- Chicago, Illinois, USA

11. Which band sing this song, Catch Me?

12. Who is Choi Joon Hoon?
- Do you mean Choi Jong Hoon ? If yes, he is the leader, lead guitarist, keyboardist, lyricist and composer of F.T. Island

13. Who is the leader of BTOB?
- Seo Eun Kwang

14. Ji Yeon is one of _______ members.
- T-ara

15. State all SHINee's members.
- Lee Jin Ki (Onew)
- Kim Ki Bum (Key)
- Choi Min Ho
- Kim Jong Hyun
- Lee Tae Min

Done. These are my 4 friends whom I tagged ; AdlinNamiAqhiedahMinji . Yay done ^^

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