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Ray is a heart robber.
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 ,11:15 PM (+ 0)

stop staring at me baby heheheh *pushes your shoulder*

annyeong guys this might be a short update for today. at first i want to update my fanfics but someone have requested 2 posters from me so i am not able to update my ffs, mianhae TT after this i am going to be super busy than i am right now ;AAAA; so sad. i wish i were a super saiyan and can do anything loljk

lately i kept thinking about my ray baby hyunil baby chuuuu . omg seriously chanyeol should kill him. ahh please before he takes my heart away TT no i won't let him i swear. chanyeol is my one and only heheh please kill me i'm cute xoxoxoxo jk

bye gaaaays opps *guys
i wish my snsd babies would give me all luck in wining all the contests/giveaways that i have entered jebal TT

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