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Thursday, November 22, 2012 ,9:08 PM (+ 0)

you're a pabo minseok how can you slipped and hurts yourself TT Get well soon minseok oppar

hey hoy guys. i've updated my malay fanfic, read it here here babe here . and i've deleted my english fanfic for some reasons. please don't kill mehh TT and i have deactivated my aff account sorry, i am not a robot and i wish i were. but please wait for the repost which i don't know when. i'll be focusing for only one fanfic which is my malay fanfic right now. plus my english is getting worse so i won't do any english fanfics on the nearest time

i'm going to a vacation soon (i guess the vacation was on the day where exo-m will arrived at klia TT) 8 & 9, so i won't be here at that time. 29 & 30 november : i am going for a sleepover. 28 november : hangout . 15 december (and maybe 16 too) : i'm going to penang. hah see, i am like an idol now cry please jk. my schedule is packed with lots of events :c so please understand how stressed and fatigue i am

next year i will sit for SPM which is the most important exam in my life right now. and after SPM i'll apply for colleges / universities so i'm going to quit blogging anytime soon. time flies so fast. i remembered the first time i've started blogging sobs which is when i was just 13 years old and now i am 16 going 17 on 2013 sobs. tbh i don't want to grow old (but i want to get married LOL)

oh dear sooman where's my derps' comeback ? i've waited for like thousands of years yknow. you said it'll be on november, and it's already the end of november. aishh you've lied to me about IAM. so please repay by giving me an exo comeback at least some news. ERGH. i hate you sooman
i've made an ask.fm account so please ask me a lot here babeh here

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