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Kpop Test
Monday, December 24, 2012 ,7:17 PM (+ 0)
Finally my girls are back ! Actually not yet. Lol but I can feel that they are really back right now ! SM keeps teasing us with these flawless teaser images and videos and even pre-released a song from their upcoming full-length album ! Dancing Queen is already sweeping various charts like a boss even the girls didn't comeback yet. Omg I'm seriously going to buy this album ! I guess I'll be going with group cover to avoid confusion keke. Can't wait for January 1st & 2nd ! I GOT A BOY YEAH x.x

Ohh Imma do this because I'm bored. Everyone was tagged so feel free to do this lol

Rules & Regulations : Please be honest and do not search the answers on the internet or somewhere else !

1. What is Primadonna ?
Primadonna is the official fanclub name for F.T Island and also is a song name from the band stated.
2. Which girl group do you like most ? (f(x) / KARA / 2NE1 / Wonder Girls)
f(x) got me electric shocked <3
3. Which boy band do you like most ? (SHINee / 2PM / UKISS / ZE:A / F.T Island)
Shining SHINee :3
4. Please choose between these 2 people listed and give reasons if possible
SHINee's Taemin and UKISS' Dongho
SHINee's Taemin because I love SHINee lol. I won't give reasons after this for every answers because i'm too lazy lol
Ayoooo GG ~ Girls' Generation makes you feel da heat and we're doin' it we can't be beat !
2NE1's Sandara or Girl's Day's Minah
Girl's Day Minah
F.T Island's Hongki or CNBLUE's Yonghwa
CNBLUE's Yonghwa
SHINee's Key or B2ST's Doojoon 
SHINee's Key
Secret's Hyosung or IU
Secret's Hyosung 
SS501's Kim Hyung Joon or UKISS' Kim Ki Bum (his little brother)
UKISS's Kim Ki Bum. Omg oppar i love you sarang sarang
Big Bang's G-Dragon or Suju's Eunhyuk 
Suju's Eunhyuk. Hyukjaeeee ;~;
T-ara's Boram or KARA's Hara 
T-ara's Boram
ZE:A's Dongjun or D.NA (The Boss)'s Karam 
D.NA (The Boss)'s Karam
SNSD's Jessica or A Pink's Chorong 
SNSD's Jesshicaaaayo of course !
SNSD's Taeyeon or Nine Muses' Saera
SNSD's Taeyeon !!!! Taeyeon eonnie is everything for me ;~;
INFINITE or Teen Top 
Err (?) I guess I'll go with both. PLEASE !!!!
SHINee's Minho or 2PM's Nichkhun 
SHINee's Minho. Hey Kang Tae Jun
f(x)'s Victoria or Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha 
f(x)'s Victoria ummaaaaaa
5. Now please try to answer these, no research !
When did SHINee debuted ? 
2008 (?) Do I have to state the month and the day too ? lol I'm not like a die-hard fans of SHINee
Name 3 other idols that sing & dance the song <Candy> from H.O.T ? 
Idk lol. Never heard of it too
What does F.T Island stands for ? 
Five Treasure Island
Name the last member that was taken in for UKISS (before NH Media kicked out Xander and Kibum)
Kim Jae Seop / AJ
What is B2ST's Junhyung's nickname ? 
Joker is it (?)
Who sang the song <Mach> ? 
Idk ._____. Never heard of it too
Who are the main actors in <Dream High> ? 
Bae Su Ji / Suzy (miss A), Ok Taec Yeon / Taecyeon (2PM), Kim Soo Hyun / Soohyun, Lee Ji Eun / IU, Jang Woo Young / Wooyoung (2PM)
What is KARA's latest song ? 
Korean song ? If yes then it's Pandora. Idk what is their latest Japanese song's name lol
Name three groups under Cube Entertainment. 
B2ST / Beast, 4minute and BTOB
Who has the nickname " Barbie Doll " ? (clue: KARA) 
Idk ? Gyuri ? Hara ? lol maybe
 Name the sub-group unit of The Boss / D.NA (clue: Karam, Jay and Mika)
Idk. Not really a fan of them
 Name the third couple in <We Got Married>.
I don't watch WGM sorry not interested c:
What does E.L.F stands for ? (clue: Suju's fan)
Everlasting Friends :3 
6. Last one, answer these
Which idols have high sense of fashion ?
I think Tiffany from Girls' Generation has the best sense of fashion ;3
Which girl idols is the cutest ?
Taeyeon from Girls' Generation muahahahah 
Which guy idols is the cutest ?
Of course it's Chanyeol from EXO-K *winkeu* 
What korean drama or movie is the best ?
To The Beautiful You for drama. My Black Mini Dress for movie :3 
Okay now bye ! I got to go. Gotta buy new school shoes. ppyong bye.
Thanks to my appa. Jeongmal jeongmal gamsahabnida for buying me SNSD's Tiffany Baby-G watch sobs creying forevahhh. He bought me that watch for my past birthday present which is on 12 October (my birthday) lol okay bye AND I GOT 2 SNSD'S BABY-G POSTERS KYAAA BYE

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