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Idk what to say no more
Friday, February 8, 2013 ,3:12 PM (+ 0)

hey guys. suppp ? fine ? good. bad ? then you better do something. omg me ? bored. idk what to do anymore. seems like i don't have any daily activities anymore because last year my daily activity was going online. to spazz obviously. but now ? not anymore. omg i can barely go online because this year my parents are getting more strict than usual. omgahhh. well as you know i am one of the #spmcandidate2013

btw if you want to contact me or whatever, i'm more on twitter than blog and facebook and stuffs. just twitter. so meet me @chanyeoul. arasseo ? sometimes i'm rarely on twitter too so- lol. can't do anything sorry. 

btw tbh. i'm not into j-pop anymore right now. the sidebar description ? it's just that i am too lazy to change it lol. so i'm not a fan of akb48 anymore. and don't talk about j-pop stuffs with me because tbh i don't have the mood to do so. idk if i need that mood back or maybe no. just exoshidae-ing until death (if possible).

third btw, shinee is going to have their comeback on 19th right ? oh god why sment why ? you should make exo comebacks first ! we've waited for almost one year. while shinee had just had their comeback on august or july something i can't remember. so who deserves a comeback first ? it's exo ! sm is a shit brick seriously.

just let me be the ceo for sment and i promise i will give fair comebacks to each groups and solo singers such as boa etc. so that everyone will don't have to wait any longer and can spazz about their bias more than they are doing it right now. so the conclusion is, the one who needed a comeback so bad is exo and just exo. sment can do shinee's and fx's later but sment is just a shit brick.

and also, snsd need a repackaged album. if they won't have it before march, i'll definitely going to kill everyone that i see mercilessly tho they had done nothing. the only weapons that sment can do to avoid me being a murderer is to release snsd's english album anytime soon. i do not want it, but i need it.

btw look at these cupcakes. they also ships taeny fyeah taeny ftw. tae to the ny lemme eat you because you looked so delicious yum. i wish i can fly to this cafe rn. wanted these cupcakes so badly. i'll eat all 9 cupcakes for sure and won't get full of it. the first one that i'll eat is yuri's because yuri looked so yummy. don't let this phrases invade your mine with dirty thoughts. i'm not a byuntaer because i'm an innocent kawaii gurl. puke please

right now i need some foods. food juseyo. i'm hungry and school is so fking tiring and made me starving. and also school is the place of boredom. i wish i can get out from that jail as soon as possible. can i just sit for spm right now even if i'm not even ready yet because i want to end my school life as fast as i could. sobs

luckily this year's class is quite awesome and every single person in that class is entertaining and easy to be with (kinda but not really). oh well beta is beta and beta is awesome. kay whatever. my fangirling mood for chanyeol is baek. yay for me. clap your hands juseyo. i'm so happy that i can just cry rn. i miss chan so much. so chanyeol come come come come to me. and good news rainbow is having their comeback around the corner yaaaay. i've been waiting for this for years.
idk if i will buy shinee's dream girl album or not. feeling like buying it but i need to keep some money for exo's and snsd's english album. i need to pay for hidayah's doodle too. and i also need to keep some money in case there is going to be an emergency concert from my biases. i think i'll be going to this year's asia super showcase too because they said that snsd will be there omjay

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