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untitled once again
Friday, February 15, 2013 ,2:54 PM (+ 0)

hey guys. i'm in a really bad mood right now. well no one could understands me though. and well i'm used to this matter. yes i am a little pissed of asia super showcase 2013 too but i'm not going to talk about that right now. i'm going to talk about something else. a secret that had never been told by myself perhaps.

he should stop treating me like a doll or a robot. my patience had reached my limit. not to deny he is so fxcking annoying. i know i am too. we're both annoying. but stop feeling annoyed by my annoyance if you, yourself is also one annoying pathetic. do you get what i meant ? i meant it, really. i'm not saying this because i'm starting to hate you or maybe yes but i'm saying this because i'm hurt. people may think i looked like a strong person outside but actually i'm fragile inside.

but because i'm tired of all these shits, i'm trying to act like i am a real robot and trying to be feeling-less so that i wouldn't cry a single tear. my biology teacher always said, "cry once in a while". how am i surprised that there's actually a benefit that we can received through our own tears. but i won't tell you here. do a self-discovery. but i still wanted to hold back my tears so i would look strong but i'm actually not.

a character in a movie said, "people should learn how to accept the sincerity of love" but i know he wouldn't understand this quote because he is the one who is a robot.
let's stop giving hopes for love except for our own dreams. i'm definitely tired of waiting my whole life just for a single guy like you.

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