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True Confession.
Tuesday, April 9, 2013 ,4:50 PM (+ 2)
huang zi taotao \\\o///
hey guys. supp ? me ? i am fine *gay laugh* actually i'm not. life is full of stressful things to face with.  especially when you're a student. i often had migrains recently. maybe it's because of i'm thinking about lots of things. i am thinking too much. yes tbh i am. and mid year is just around the corner. i am not prepared. even 50%. i hate life. i hate being a biology student. most of all i hate biology for my entire life. tbh i freaking hate science. i just can't describe how much i hate science :<

maths ? ohh that is my favorite subject dude ! add maths, mod maths, i love both equally. i love all maths related subjects (but no i hate physics because it includes science knowledge and concept tho it's maths related. but yeah i love the calculation part <3) well i am still not a maths genius tho my love for maths is as much as i love my- bias ? but i still hate studying <///3

well tbh, fyi, the stream that i'm taking rn, has nothing to do with the course that i'm going to take in university later. even if it's just 1%. it really has nothing to do with the course i am interested in !!!! this is why i am not satisfied >:O all this stress i am suffering from, is never worth it, now or later. fml. why can't malaysia be like america ? americans already got to take the course that they are interested in when they are only 13 y/o. do you see how lame we are ? (no offense because this is just a confession from the bottom of my heart)

-end of story-

going to write this in manglish. omg guys, aku dah beli album SHINee, "Dream Girl" dekat Mines haritu. Well this was a long time ago. I just got to post this now. Sobs sobs. So guess, photocard siapa yang aku dapat ? :---) it's jjongie ! bling bling jonghyun omg. well i was hoping for Taemin tho, but nevermind because jjong is my 3rd or 2nd (not even sure) bias in SHINee :') so welcome to my photocards collection jonghyun ! ^^

now apa yang aku tengah tunggu is SHINee's "Dream Girl : Chapter 2 - The Misconceptions of Me" pulak <3333 GyaaaaKyaaaa tak sabar sebab album tu keluar bulan ni \\\o/// well hopefully album tu best macam chapter 1 jugak :) looking forward to it ! oh btw SNSD pon nak release album japanese baru on 29th May nanti. Kyaaaa new songs ! Yaaay can't wait. Can't wait for the full pv of "Beep Beep" too ! tak sangka diorang memang buat pv utk lagu beep beep tu sebab aku pernah membebel kenapa diorang tak keluarkan pv utk lagu tu, last-last ambik kau xD pendek kata, soshi rakam pv tu untuk aku sebenarnya joke.

-end of story-

wehh aku sebenarnya sedih. this is another thing that made me sad / stressed. this is about the crush "thingy". omg i can't really believe i am talking about my crush here but here it goes, he is someone whom i love so much and whom i can't never have / own. he is like chanyeol whom i can only gaze at without being able to touch. i am so sad about this. really. too sad. i guess ?

let me tell you what kind of guy he is. he's tall (guess, almost the same height as chanyeol ?), has a melodious voice, can plays the guitar, has a pair of incredibly beautiful eyes, a little shy maybe ? (from my observation, he is) and he's indeed a hot stuff. while me ? ha-ha. we are like from 2 different worlds and can't be together even if it's just for 1 second. he is just too flawless to be with a person like me. perhaps, he wouldn't even like a person like me. i'm just a plain shit (just look at how i am feeling so humble about myself)

i don't even know if someone is in his heart right now, even if it is true, that person would definitely not be me. well obviously. just let me sound like a pathetic this time. just this time :---(

to that guy, i know you love "her" and i know i will never be your's. but i won't give up on my love for you. never. i love you, not because of your flaws. i didn't even realized that i am in love with you until i felt jealous of the other girls who had talked to you. i am endlessly jealous. and this why the song "Aside" by SHINee is very meaningful to me .

i hope you'll know someday, that i am the one who had put lollipops in your bag. well, i'm being obvious because he wouldn't read my blog tho *laughs* saranghae, jeongmal. jigeumeun yeongwon ddaekkaji. naega yaksokhaneun :')
3-in-1 confessions. omg am i being too emotional ? i just wanted to let go everything, at least i am feeling a lot more better after posting this ><

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