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Why So Serious ?
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 ,4:44 PM (+ 2)

hello guys ! first of all, I had contributed a new skin @ blogskins. i was planning to contribute it after my mid term but well i will only finish my mid term after may. sad lifeu ever ikr. so yeah the skin was actually my latest skin before i converted to this one. the one that i'm using right now. and it's fuglehh bruhh true story ;-;

download // live preview
so yeah. lol. btw have you heard about shinee will going to do a comeback soon ? yeah and yesterday they released the teaser for the mv and the song that they're going to promote entitled " Why So Serious ? " . this is another full-length album after dream girl and this album will be the chapter 2 for " Chapter 1 - Dream Girl : The Misconceptions of You " and this time the album's title is " Chapter 2 - Why So Serious ? : The Misconceptions of Me " . yeah it's kinda like a story. idk how to further explain this album. ohh btw, for this comeback, they will be promoting without jonghyun because as you know, recently, jonghyun had involved in an accident which caused him to do a nose surgery and get further treatment for now. get well soon bling bling jjong TT i am really upset that i can't see jonghyun on stage because he's my 2nd bias in shinee. sobs sobs. but i also don't want to see him on stage when he's sick so get well soon ! fighting !

and about the teaser. bet you already know my feels. can't describe my feels. i am already getting into the line, why so serious ? flskkfjgljklkh and some unfamiliar korean words lol. but i am really really getting into the song. i'm excited yet impatient for the mv already ! TT ohh and did you realize that the song kinda have the same beat as one of shinee's songs in the dream girl album entitled " Punch Drunk Love " ? both of the songs' beat are quite the same and everytime i'm trying to sing why so serious, i will accidentally sings punch drunk love lol xD why so serious is something to expect for because it's really catchy, something shinee hadn't made before so please anticipate it shawols !

yup yup my money is ready . just have to wait for the album's official release then it might be in my hand ! insyaAllah. hopefully ^^ because i've been waiting for this album since dream girl was released . and i hope there'll be a photocard included in the album. just please include a photocard in the album SM , i beg youuuu ;-;
taemin & naeun ? my reaction : -___- . omg i felt upset but i'm in the process of accepting this couple now maybe i'll even ship them very soon tho taemin is my bias omg ;-;

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