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#2. Soalan Cepumas Kepada Mangsa Tag
Friday, May 24, 2013 ,10:26 PM (+ 5)

Hello, so this time I'd been tagged by ayuni. So omg kenapa aku kena post rules bila aku tak nak buat questions and tag orang ? lol pabo me. Sorry again because i'm too lazy to think for questions to ask you guys TT

11 Questions from Ayuni :

- Your special habit ?
Playing digimon games ? hahah shh
 - Your real name ?
Nur Afiqah
- What did you do before going to sleep everyday ?
Play games ? omg i'm a girl gamer so what else will i do ;u; but sometimes i listen to my mp3, writes my diary or "nightdreaming" ? hahah
- Peristiwa paling cuak gila ?
Opkos bila nak jawab kertas SPM and dapat result SPM nanti ~ SPM lah paling menakutkan daripada PMR & UPSR trust me.
- Afraid of ghost ?
Sometimes but sometimes not okay ? 
- Your first love ?
Belum lagi experience that so-called "first love" maybe soon ? 
- Do you know me ?
Of course i know you, you're ayuni lol (at least i know your name right xD) 
- The best present you've ever received ?
SNSD's Baby-G watch (Tiffany's) Thank you abah ! :* 
- Are you a girl or a boy ?
A gay lol joke. A girl. 
- Coffee or cola ?
I hate soft drinks so coffee for the world because i love coffees ! 
- Vampire or wolf ? Why ?
I used to love vampires more than wolves. But I'm gonna go with wolves from now on because of #TeamXOXO1stYear . Ya know what I meant ;)
done ! adios xx 


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