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#3. Soalan Cepumas Kepada Mangsa Tag + New Graphic Blog
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 ,3:39 PM (+ 0)
Tao-ssi, suho-ssi.... These illegal murderers.....
hello guys, it's been kinda a long time huh ? luckily someone tagged me in a tag game so i can give you an update because actually i was too lazy. thanks to my dongsaeng little sister, aera for tagging me exoexo so, as usual, i won't post the rules and create some new questions because i won't tag anyone to this game, i am too lazy gyaaaa mianhae sorry T______T so leggo.

Questions from Aera :-

What makes you start blogging ?
Nothing actually, i was just thinking of making a diary where i can share my feelings and stories about my life to everyone but the objective had changed since after a few years i had started blogging.
If you found a magic lamp, and a genie pops out of it, what would be your 3 wishes ?
Chanyeol fall in love with me, get married to him and we both live happily ever after, that would be my 3 wishes
If I invited you to join me for a vacation  somewhere, would you say yes ? Why ? And would you invite me too ?
Yes, because i want to meet my dongsaeng so badly. Yup of course I would !
Do you have a crush ? (Real life person, not a celebrity) Give a brief introduction about him
But I have no crush other than my bias lol joke. I'll tell you but please keep it as a secret sobs. My crush is someone similar to chanyeol. He can plays the guitar, has a melodious voice, way taller than me but not as tall as chanyeol, handsome, kind, hot and famous. My friend even said that his face looks like chanyeol sobs. To make it short, my crush is perfect in my eyes.
I'm currently writing some fan-fictions. Do you have any awesome ideas that you would love to share ?
Do not write something that is too common. Think out of the box, be creative so people would be attracted to read your fanfic.
Pandas or Polar Bears ?
I'd go with pandas. Used to love polar bears more than pandas but what can i do ? Blame tao who made me love pandas so much. That huang zi tao deserves a punishment lol joke.
What's the saddest and sweetest movie/drama that you've ever watched ?
For saddest drama, i'd go with 49 Days. And for sweetest drama, i'd go with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.
What is your favorite song ? When you listen to it, what would be in your mind ?
Can I list around 5 songs ? The first song of my favorites is 0330 by UKISS. When I'm hearing this song, I would think of the part where Dongho cried in the mv and cries along with him lol. The second song is Aside by SHINee and I would think of my crush when I listen to this song because the song really resembles my life. The third song on my favorite list is Into Your World (Angel) by EXO. Thing song reminds me of the first time I knew EXO and became one of their fans back in the end of 2011 and I would cry thinking how much they had changed for all these times. The forth song on my favorite list is Baby Don't Cry by EXO because this song will reminds me of Chanyeol's sexy voice in the song and I'll cry thinking of that voice eventhough he said "Baby don't cry" lmao. And the last song on my favorite list is Don't Go by EXO. I will think of EXO too when I listen to this song.
List the names of your loved ones.
99 names of Allah my god, Muhammad my prophet, Mohd Zaki my dad, Norlela my mom , Nur Syazwani my yeodongsaeng little sister, Park Chan Yeol, Huang Zi Tao, Lu Han, Wu Fan, Zhang Yi Xing, Oh Se Hun, Kim Min Seok, Kim Joon Myeon, Kim Jong In, Kim Jong Dae, Byun Baek Hyun, Do Kyung Soo, Kim Tae Yeon, Hwang Mi Young, Choi Soo Young, Kwon Yu Ri, Im Yoon Ah, Kim Hyo Yeon, Seo Joo Hyun, Lee Sun Kyu and Jung Soo Yeon
What do you think of me and my blog ?
You're friendly and I love your blog so much, your blog is so cool !
So that's all, done x

Btw, I had made a new graphic blog http://pikachaan.blogspot.com/. Please show lots of love ! Feel free to drop your request there starting on December and afterwards . Thank you, adios x


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