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#4. Soalan Cepumas Kepada Mangsa Tag + New Graphic
Saturday, June 8, 2013 ,10:48 PM (+ 2)
This is super cool bruhhh ;____;
Hello guys well first let me tell you about my new graphic. I made this a few days ago. It's an exo header, the one that I'm currently using on my blog now. Love it ? So come and get yours here (http://pikachaan.blogspot.com/) ^^ Hope you like it but please abide the rules first before using it, thanks I really appreciate your tolerance ;-;

Btw this is my 4th time being tagged by someone on this tag game. I really appreciate it a lot because I really like being asked with many questions, well 11 is many for me lol. Okay wtf am i talking about ? Thanks to yyong-ssi for tagging me ! Gamsa, gamsa TuT Saranghaeyo *hearteu pose* *winkeu*

Questions from Yyong :-

Do you read fan-fictions ? What kind of fan-fictions ?
I do, sometimes because I am too lazy to wait for the author-nim's updates ಠ_ಠ I usually read romance, romantic comedy, angst and fantasies as long as it is something logical and I don't like reading something common. Ohh, I also read rated-m fanfics shhhh, that is my favorite of all ;___;
Your current favorite song and why do you love it ?
Well, my current music player tells you everything. It's Don't Go by EXO. I'm currently hooked up to this song. The melody is just nice and calming. But if you really understand the meaning behind this song, it's really touching and sad. I can't help myself from crying everytime I'm hearing this song.
Do you have a phobia ?
No, yay ! Imma fab-fab-fab-fabulous 8)
Who are your favorite bloggers ?
JaeraWanaKak Nana & Neko saeng (i personally like my dongsaeng's blog without even her knowing xD) 
Can you comment a little bit about my blog ?
One word : KAWAII, well too kawaii. I honestly like your blog ^^
Do you ever thought that you were adopted ?
Of course, when my parents is being bias to my younger sister *le sigh*
Cats, dogs or rabbits ?
I used to love cats more than any other animals but since Taeyeon, Tiffany and Yuri have cute little puppies on their own, I started to fall in love with puppies a.k.a dogs TuT
Have you ever been in a relationship before ?
I'm a liar if I said no. Yes, I had been in some complicated relationships before but everything were just only memories and I never think about it anymore ^^
Do you have any special talents ?
If I  said yes, that will be considered as bragging about myself so I would say no. No :)
If you can have any superpower, what would it be ?
Fire, since I was only a kid, I had always imagined if I had a fire superpower and I can burn the faces of the people that I hate happily haha ^^ and I really think it was a coincidence that Chanyeol's superpower for EXO's debut is fire too .____. well is this destiny ? *vomitting rainbow*
You found a genie ! What will you wish for ? (max 3 and no wishing for extra wishes :) )
First, I hope that Chanyeol will fall in love me, second, he'll marry me and third, last, we will live as in the happily ever after stories :)) No, I'm serious TuT
So that's all yeah. Sorry for my diminishing english omg *flips tables* ಠ_ಠ


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