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#5. Tag Game + Updates
Sunday, June 30, 2013 ,2:33 PM (+ 4)

Happy belated birthday yeobbeo tsk i never got the chance to wish you a truly happy birthday mianhae TT
yo sup guys. omg there are so many things blended up in my mind. i am so confused about everything. being a slowpoke everyday, about everything *scratches my head* ahh well let's get to the tag game fast because i need to work on my additional mathematics' folio after this *le sigh* btw this time i got tagged by aizan shazlin eonnie. gamsahabnida eonnie for tagging me *bows 60 degree* this time i will the about me section again so that every facts about myself will stick on your mind for some time muahahah. so that you will never forget this kawaii(un) pika

Eleven things about me ;

1. A kpoper since 2011 (well dat's a lil' bit late sobs i wish i had became a kpoper earlier)
2. An exo fan since around 2011 (pre-debut) yesseu i've been following updates about them secretly and knew about their existence around mid of 2011.
3. A SNE since TaeTiSeo era yeah that's late sobs
4. I'm choding tbh. I don't really act my age because I am so childish.
5. Suho used to be my ultimate bias in EXO as a whole yeah but that's only just for a day (or even less than a day) and then Chanyeol had captured my attention from that time on until now. CHANYEOL POWAHHH
6. I love Rilakkumas (and Chanyeol love Rilakkumas too i didn't know about it earlier it's just a coincidence lol *sobbing proudly*)
7. I am an introvert but once you knew me well, you'll change your mind about me being an introvert
8. Playful much
9. Chocolates, sushis, macaroons, red baked beans, mashroom soups, cheeses are my fav addiction
10. Easily touched about something, emotional and being sincere about everything, that is so me you know i can cry just by thinking about exo but I have no idea on why did i cried when i was thinking about them (omg that's stupid but it's a fact)
11. My grandmother is a pure chinese, she's a mualaf, so my mother got these chinese traits from my grandmother, this is why i am having small eyes when i'm laughing or smiling (i hate it erghhh but i'm still grateful no matter how much i hate it)

Questions from Aizan ;

What is your favourite song from your bias group ?
For exo ; angel (into your world), don't go // For snsd ; the boys, star star star (byeol byeol byeol), love&girls, stay girls omg i have to say all of exo's and snsd's songs are my jam
Personal judgement about yourself ?
 Omg why am i so stupid when it comes to common sense, why i have no qualifications on being an artiste, why am i so lazy, why am i not pretty like luhan WAEEEEEE
State your favourite variety show.
I don't have any personal fav. and i rarely watch variety shows (will watch more after spm) but i love to watch running man, star king. is shindong's simsimtapa considered as a variety show as well ? well it's my fav bora (radio with a view) tho.
An animal you're most afraid of ? And why ?
Eww i hate cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes and all insects that had ever existed in this world. Say no to insects because they're disgusting and weird-looking and creepy lol btw that is more than one animal that i had stated xD
What's one other thing that you love the most besides your bias ?
Allah of course.
What's an important thing that you always do before you sleep ?
Stare all of my posters, stare oppas' faces, imagining about oppas and me, pray that i'll be dreaming about oppas later in my sleep, watch oppas in variety shows, hear oppas' songs okay that's more than one
The last thing that made you laughed so hard ?
Chanyeol & EXO
What/who is your inspiration and why ?
My biases because they are so passionate and determined in everything that they do
 You had been picked to be a princess in a fantasy world. Who would you picked as your prince ?
Oi Chanyeol will you be my prince ?
State a poster that you love the most.
 Put a picture of your ultimate bias below

the one and only oppa who had ruined my entire life since the first time i saw him in snsd's genie mv
the end // okay now let's talk about new stuffs. i heard that snsd is working on a new song/album ? yuri and taeyeon are teasing us with photos of them recording a new song in a studio entitled i like that. omg i hope it's for their comeback jebal i miss them already. btw please correct me if i am wrong okay ?

oh btw recently i had a photoshoot for our school's magazine and our class' theme is face painting so i did two exo symbols on my face for the theme. you can look at the picture on my instagram (http://instagram.com/afqhzk) do follow me there ^^ ohh and yeah i had received my exo xoxo kiss ver album and i got *drum rolls* joonma's photocard. i am still happy though i didn't get chanyeol's. the owner also gave me 2 free postcards of chanyeol and exo-k and a set of stickers of exo-k. i am so happy, thank you owner-nim. TT

i don't know when will i buy the hug ver. i am short of money, treat me juseyo TT lol i'm still collecting tho. my mission to collect money for their upcoming possible world tour had failed because i need to collect money to buy hug ver first and only then will i collect money for their world tour but only if snsd won't make a comeback and exo won't make a repackage album will succeed my mission (but i really want snsd to make a comeback and exo making a repackage album lol) oh palli aidilfitri i need money. sobs

ye ye what to say what to say ? ahh about my mid year result, i had improved in all subjects alhamdulillah except for my chemistry lmao sobs. although my results are improving, my science subjects are still in a bad condition, my biology, chemistry and physics are in danger zone. oh how i hate science subjects so much. i just love mathematics how i wish school will comes to an end that fast. well please pray for my spm, i will work hard. fighting, annyeong xx
chanyeol-aaahh. idk what to say no more


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