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Ayo wassup + New skin contributed + New looks
Sunday, June 9, 2013 ,4:42 PM (+ 2)
this kid had recently become a ruiner of my bias list.welcome to my "ruiners of my bias list" list kim min seok.

ayoo guys just wanna tell you that xiuyeol had succeeded in making their way into my otp list. let's give congratulatory messages and some warm welcome for them. i want to xoxo xiuyeol from now on. but that doens't mean i'm putting away my huang zi tao. he is still my second bias in exo i mean no the other members are all my second bias equally after chanyeol

btw, whaddaya think of my blog's new look. yeah ikr it's fuglehh a combination word from these two words ; fckin ugly ^^ hahah because i made this skin in a rush and because i was way too lazy that time. but i really want to make a skin dedicated to my twelve werewolves' comback. well i know i could just change the music player but no i don't want to, i want to everything into something exo-related. look at how much i xoxo them ;___;

i'm acting pretty weird lately. but i won't tell ya because it's fckin embarassing to be told. sobs but just wanna say this, i am really sorry appa, yes now you know how fragile your daughter is. this is my first time showing you another of myself ; the weak side. i feel bad though. i am still feeling guilty, he must have regret it no no i still love you appa even if you hurt my feelings. please note that in your mind, your daughter loves you sincerily.

yeah as you know, from the title, i had contributed a new skin at blogskins. please show much love. mani saranghaejuseyo exoexo.

download // live preview

i recommend live preview because when you view it via blogskins' viewer it will give some preview errors. so please view it using live preview. thank you for those who had loved my skins for all these times. i love you thousands and millions times. okay wtf am i saying, it's a broken english. okay whatever *throws hearts to every single one of you* *happy tears*

let's make our joonma cry. i want to see omma cry for exo's 1st win. it's possible because exo's new song wolf is at #6 on inkigayo so let's make joonma's dream comes true, to win the first place. i would like to see the other members cry for their first win too :')

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