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#6. Tag Game
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 ,1:41 PM (+ 0)

I decided to post two pictures of snsd here because i miss them a lot. can't wait for galaxy supernova although i'm cursing myself for being too bias towards exo, yes i admit it i'm just too bias to exo and i feel like i'm a bad bad sone TAT please forgive me eonnies *sobs* i will treat you fairly with exo after this, its just that i don't have time to watch you all in variety shows. i promise i will spazz head to heels over you all after spm ended. btw let's get back to da game. this time i've been tagged by my lovely dongsaeng, Nyeol's :3 ehmergerd idk how can i thank you so much because i really love playing this game xD its been a long time since someone last tagged me. so leggo ! *i will translate the questions in english myself because i know there's international readers out there who doesn't understand my first language, Malay ^^*
Who's your ultimate bias ? And why do you like him/her ?
my ultimate bias well of course park chan yeol, he's from exo. why do I love him ? its just some love at first sight *puke skittles* because i didn't really pick him as my bias at first and fyi, it was joonma, my first bias but when i saw this chanidiot in history mv everything changed, and ever since then, my bias is chanyeol and just him. i love every single thing about him, his voice, gestures, idiotic self, his nature, smile, and everything especially his cute ears *i can just bite his ears right now because it's too kawaii TAT*
 Give me one picture of your bias which you think is the most sexy picture out of all his/her other pictures

some new pictures of him

old pictures of him (the last one is his pre-debut picture which i love the most) well i know the questions only asked for one picture but of course no, i can't only put one picture of my beautipeurr bias :c btw i really miss his debut hair, its my fav hair so far and i want it back TAT you don't even know how much i want him to have his debut hairstyle again please just please i can even beg to their hairstylist on my knees TAT
Have you ever been to concerts, showcases or fan-meetings ? If yes, please tell me your experience
no, no and no. let's not talk about this kind of question okay ? i'm just too unlucky to experience such things, i wish i will get my luck soon, maybe next year.
List all the k-dramas that you like 
49 days is my personal fav for angst drama. dream high, boys over flowers, to the beautiful you (i wish they had part 2 :c) & city hunter. i rarely watch dramas nowadays so i only have old dramas on my fav list but i promise to watch more after spm hehe
Do you have similarities with your bias ? If yes, state it
we both love rilakkumas. we both love black colour. he hates insects & dentists and me too. he love ferrets and me too. i love to rap and of course he does too its his job anyway lol. we both are playful, we both love sandara park loool. he loves hep hap and me too, he always smile like me because everyone always say that i always smile no matter what happens lol (just realized that when my teacher told me first about it). we both are bright and positive ! chanyeol loves jason mraz & eminem and so does me. i really love their songs ^^ our ways of relieving stress are the same. there are some more similarities that i got with him but that's enough for you to know i guess.
Bad habits ? 
i always got distracted when i got nothing to do so i will play with my nails all the time, people must think i am a weird person lol. i also love to touch my moustache area i guess every 5-10 minutes ? for no obvious reason. i have all the habits that my mom has maybe they were inherited from her ? LOL
Interesting places that you know in Korea ?
banpo bridge, han river, jeju island, myeongdong street *best place for shopping* these are some of my favorites ^^
K-pop stuffs that you have ? Including pictures. 

exo-k and snsd pencil cases & ukiss and snsd earphone/headphone & snsd i got a boy keychain (at my snsd's pencil case in case you can't see it)

sorry i'm just too lazy to take a more clear picture LOL this picture sucks, i'm not good at taking photo tho. f(x) pink tape album official poster (btw i accidentally tore the poster the day i bought it luckily i didn't ruin the member's faces TAT) & exo xoxo album official poster type a and type c

my albums collection. btw some of them are not original. here are the list of albums that i have because i bet you can't see the picture clearly *you can also enlarge it rather than reading this long list* non-original/local version albums ; miss A good girl bad girl, t-ara temptastic, f(x) greatest hits, big bang big show, kara girl's talk, ukiss bran new kiss, ukiss break time, snsd oh! (korean ver.) & trouble maker trouble maker. originally from korea albums ; snsd genie, f(x) pink tape, a pink une anee, snsd hoot, snsd i got a boy, shinee dream girl, f(x) electric shock, to the beautiful you ost album, snsd mr.taxi, snsd run devil run, ukiss the special to kiss me, snsd taetiseo twinkle, exo-k mama, exo-m mama, exo xoxo (korean ver.) & exo xoxo (chinese ver.) . p/s : can't wait for my growl album both vers. and shinee the misconceptions of us to arrive ! xD

such a horrible photo ikr you don't need to remind me of that lol. ukiss keychain, snsd's taeyeon keychain & exo ot12 keychain *THERE IS ALSO HUNHAN MOMENTS AT THE KEYCHAIN DKFKDGKHKL <3*

these bags are old fags lol xD my snsd bag can't be use anymore. lewls i'm such a nappeun fangirl x.x super junior and snsd bagpack, snsd i got a boy and super junior file & jessica notebook *there is actually all ot9 in the notebook*

my chanyeol phone strap kept bugging me while i was taking photo lol can't do anything about it sorry TAT snsd baby g watch (tiffany's), exo bracelet & chanyeol's fire phoenix symbol necklace

this is the phone strap i was talking about just now (which kept bugging me) well its actually not a phone strap but a normal keychain but i still want to use it as my phone strap xD idc if it looks weird ;-; i love this keychain so much !

my photocards, postcards, signed photos, photos, notebooks and stickers collection. snsd oh! photocards *got all members because its the malaysian ver. if i'm not mistaken, well not sure*, snsd taetiseo twinkle photocard *seohyun*, shinee dream girl photocard *jonghyun*, f(x) electric shock photocard *victoria*, exo xoxo photocard (korean ver.) *suho, p/s : he's one of my top bias in exo laflgkkflhkl ; <3*, a pink une anee photocard *naeun, p/s : omg i got my bias photocard for the first time!!!*, exo-k mama *ot6 & chanyeol, p/s : that chanyeol photocard was given as a gift for a contest that i've entered from the organizer thank you !!!! couldn't thank her more TAT*, snsd mr.taxi photocard *sooyoung*, exo xoxo photocard (chinese ver.) *lay*, f(x) pink tape photocard *amber*, exo-k stickers, chanyeol and exo-k postcards, chanyeol signed photos x2 *won both of them from a contest along with photocard i mentioned just now*, snsd signed photo, ukiss bran new kiss notebook, exo-m mama *ot12<3*

snsd i got a boy and I AM. t-shirt.

my posters and polaroids collection *that's my bed btw* shinee dazzling girl magazine poster *it had been cut out from the picture*, exo-m magazine poster x2, snsd's girls and peace magazine poster, super junior breakdown magazine poster, snsd magazine poster, exo-m mama official poster, exo-k mama official poster, snsd hoot small official posters, f(x) electric shock official poster, exo ot12 magazine poster x2, snsd time machine magazine poster, super junior sexy, free and single magazine poster, tvxq magazine poster, snsd taetiseo twinkle magazine poster & snsd's seohyun run devil run official poster *its not in the picture*

my school bags and badges and randoms. luhan's mcm bagpack, taeyeon i got a boy badge, exo every damn day badge, park chan yeol nametag, snsd baby g badge, exo xoxo badge, taeyeon badge, exo-k the face shop badge, snsd oh! japanese ver. badge, exo mama ot12 badge & snsd baby g pillow

exo-k purse which i bring everyday with me to school & ukiss and block b badge *used to be a huge fan of them but not anymore*
if the picture is blur, you can enlarge it by simply clicking the picture you want to enlarge

Since when did you become interested to kpop ?
2009. can't remember the specific date. since i first heard the song beautiful by beast and got addicted to it.
 Gifs or videos of your bias that you think are the most funny for you ?

 naughty chanyeol, poor lay lol xD
If your bias is reading this, what will you say to him/her ? 
the pain i'm keeping to myself for loving you so much and you just don't know. i'm hurt
as usual i won't tag anyone because i'm too lazy plus i'm on a hiatus so bye lol


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