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Growling ;;
Friday, August 2, 2013 ,1:55 PM (+ 2)
" I often felt left out by the crowd but that will never turns me down. No matter what people says about me, I'm not that easy to fall down. "
 hey guys. just want to let you know that I have to go to the plkn next year unless i found a way to escape it *serious talk* so i might go on for a hiatus around 3 months next year, i will let you know the exact time later. looks like, my plans for 2014 are all ruined tsk. thanks gov. oh and btw, about my post before, just forget about it and think as if nothing happened, i was drunk at that time lol joke. nahh i was just having a serious mental breakdown (and guess i'm still having it right now)

btw about exo's new song growl, i'm speechless. it's too damn awesome ! the song is addictive and i freaking love the choreography, it is so damn...... unique. when i was watching the mv, i was like " is this really exo ? " . thanks exo for ruining my life once again. speaking about their comeback, i didn't watch their comeback stage at m!countdown yet because i was not at home yesterday, i went for an iftar with my classmates and i freaking regret it

i guess most of the shawols out there already knew about this, shinee is making a comeback probably soon. they will be releasing a new album entitled " Chapter 3 - The Misconceptions of Us " . the pain of being an smtown stan. tsk. i'm already broke and i was like seriously crying after sm announced shinee's comeback and dude, this upcoming album will have all of the songs from " Chapter 1 - The Misconceptions of You " & " Chapter 2 - The Misconceptions of Me " plus two additional songs. Ergh what there will be a total of 20 songs overall so it will cost more than a standard price for a full-length album.

the album packaging will be like a box where there'll may be both of the chapter 1 & 2 albums and also a photobook for their 3rd album. idk how to explain this. but you'll maybe get the chapter 1 & 2 albums if you buy this album get it (i'm not sure) ? and now i know, i shouldn't have bought their chapter 1 album in the first place. i should have just bought this album because i will receive both chapter 1 & 2 along with chapter 3. ergh i hate you sucking money entertainment.

well, maybe i should just sell my chapter 1 album later. oh btw, this album will include a 32 pages photobook and will be released online on 8th August and offline on 9th August. pre-release order can be placed now so go get your's ! (if you have enough money to buy it) this album will cost around $22-25 including tax. for malaysian buyers it will cost you around RM100 *i'm crying*

but the photobook is pretty cool though because there are pictures of the boys backstage, the boys on stage, well it's kinda like a photobook you would get if you buy a dvd of concert tours. it's freaking cool. a must buy for die hard shawols. tsk i don't even know if i should really buy this album but i want to give my support to them tsk idk, i have a list of albums that i must buy after i got my duit raya (it's like angpaos. we get these when we celebrate our eid) luckily eid is just around the corner ! so i want to wish all of the muslims out there, happy eid and have fun celebrating it ! can't wait to eat rendang and ketupat, oh and lemang ! xD

before i go, take a look at the list of albums that i should buy after eid (i must buy them to support my oppas and eonnies TT)

list of albums :-

  • EXO The 1st Album - XOXO (Hug ver.) *probably this will be out of the list this saturday because i'm going to mines and maybe i'll buy this album there*
  • f(x) The 2nd Album - Pink Tape
  • EXO The 1st Album Repackaged - Growl (Kiss ver.)
  • EXO The 1st Album Repackaged - Growl (Hug ver.)
  • SHINee The 3rd Album - The Misconceptions of Us
tsk and everything might cost me RM200+ . i hope i will get lots of duit raya this year.
Can't wait to hear EXO's 2 other new songs, XOXO & Lucky ^^

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