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Short Note ;
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 ,3:53 PM (+ 0)

hey guys. supp ? i'm kinda pissed off right now with my music player because it's not working. i bet you can't hear anything from my current music player right ? ergh i know right. well whatever. i'm pissed off about everything ; my friends, music player, tomorrow and all. 

btw guys i've created a new tumblr account today , do follow me here (http://yeolbeo.tumblr.com) , i will also post my edits and random there, reblogging things from other blogs. oh well just follow me if you want to. maybe i will even post tutorials and freebies there after spm if i'm kind enough lol.

well my opinions about xoxo & lucky is ; awesome. i am already loving both songs. congratulations exo, i hope you guys will make great success again with this repackaged album. and have you guys heard about chen not receiving any gifts from fans at a recent fan-meeting *i guess it's a fan-meeting can't remember* ? i pity chen a lot. i sometimes hate their fans for being too bias. if i were to go to that fan-meeting, i will prepare each of them a gift of their own to thank them for colouring my life. stupid bias fans. #staystrongchen you must know that there are still us, international fans who love you.

oh well, i hate the mc too for asking such stupid question which can make someone feel butt hurt, if i were chen, i would feel sad over such question being asked too. poor chen and please just please be strong i don't want to see you sad. we don't want to see our king of troll sad. you have always been the cheerful and funny jongdae and i know you will stay like that forever. i believe my jongdae.

and about some stupid jongdae antis saying chen shouldn't be a part of exo, well you shouldn't be a part of this fandom. you're not welcomed.
ergh i want to stay at home tomorrow tsk tsk

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