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speedy update
Thursday, August 22, 2013 ,3:45 PM (+ 0)

yo guys it's been a long time. well for me it has always been a long time lol. omg guys people are still posting in my cbox eventhough i was not here for a long time. and people still say these kind of things to me, "your blog is so awesome" , " i love your blog" and other types of compliments. not bragging it's just- *tears of happiness* thank you so much i just don't know how to reply everyone's love, can i just shower you guys with my love ? ew did i sound cheesy ?

since i've been on a fanfic hiatus long time ago, i've been gaining too many ideas on what to write for my next fanfic until my brain is mixed up with school, fanfic and random stuffs. i have also started to work on my next fanfic well it's not a new one, it's a fanfic that i have deleted in the past lol sorry, i sucks, i know. but please look forward to it. i have tried my best to make every chapters long and interesting. i'm trying to not make such common stories you would see in most novels or fanfics. so please anticipate it ! well i actually stopped writing after i wrote some pages because i'm too lazy since i'm writing it traditionally, i prefer to write it using microsoft words because it's easier. lol people nowadays, and i'm one of it.

so i'll just keep the pending ideas to myself and continue to write it later after my spm using microsoft words *winks* omg i shouldn't be here because my exam is next week. for now i am announcing my semi hiatus for blog updating and full hiatus on editing and css coding ! i'll be back updating shitty stuffs on 10/9 and i'll be back to the world of arts on december. what the hell is "the world of arts" ? LOL i'm talking rubbish. ignore me.

if i'm in a good mood, i will only be on tumblr reblogging random stuffs so that i'm not really on a hiatus on everything so please follow me on tumblr well not forcing you but if you want to you can follow me here ; i'm a potato bye x
another post full of shits lol

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