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Unlucky .
Monday, August 12, 2013 ,4:22 PM (+ 2)
hunhan pls.
lately i have joined some random contests and giveaways and i'm so frustrated because i didn't won any *flips table* people know how unlucky i am, i never have met someone unlucky like i do. sighs well i hope i will win this one contest left. but i don't want to put up my hopes too high.

i did a survery shop by shop to find cheap prices for EXO's XOXO 1st Repackaged album (both vers.), f(x)'s Pink Tape album and SHINee's The Misconceptions of Us album but didn't manage to find any :( can you guys help me ? if you guys know any malaysian online k-shop that sells these albums with cheap prices please tell me ASAP. and i want to buy all four albums from the same shop, thank you. oh btw if possible, i want to find shop who sells these albums as ready stocks not pre-orders (because i'm too eager to wait my album to arrive to me) well you know pre-orders take some time to arrive to buyers right ? i can't wait too long T______T

btw did you guys enjoy your eid ? me ; no. hahah eid is becoming more and more boring nowadays for me sighs. the only thing that i like about eid is duit raya of course, obviously and oh don't forget, holidays, yes, holidays. ew i don't want to go to school next week T______T

you shouldn't ask me if i have been studying this holiday because i didn't, at all. my trial exam is in 2 more weeks yet i'm still here spazzing, not feeling guilty about my exam. well who will though ? lol. i will start my revision tonight sighs, i hate studying. well whatever, wish me luck.
i am not surprised if snsd is really going to film their galaxy supernova pv in outer space lol then we will see our girls floating in space tsk

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