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100 kpop facts about me ;
Saturday, September 14, 2013 ,1:21 AM (+ 0)
its chanse guys *cries of happiness* my 3rd otp is sailing
hello guys i found this on asianfanfics and because i am bored and dying of boredom i decided to post something special today. since i rarely talk to my followers, i will be giving you 100 kpop facts about myself like groups that i like etc. so youll get to know me more. i tag you whos reading this yes you *points at you* so feel free to do this as well. and if you do so, please leave the link to yours in my comment box so i can read it and get to know my followers me. i really want to bond with you guys *throws hearts to each of you* btw all credits goes to myvampireoppa at asianfanfics. so leggo

1. favorite groups
main addictions ; exo, snsd, f(x), shinee, boa, j-min, kangta *woops theyre solo singers but i have this urge to list them out too*, super junior, tvxq, bts, girl's day // side addictions ; tahiti, nell, rainbow, a-jax, block b, btob, c-clown, b.a.p, aoa, c-real, evol, hello venus, miss a, rania & secret. i might missed out some of them though
2. current favorite guy group and bias
exo ; chanyeol and luhan but mostly chanyeol // shinee ; taemin //  bts ; v and jungkook but mostly v
3. current favorite girl group and bias
snsd ; taeyeon and tiffany but mostly taeyeon // f(x) ; krystal and victoria but mostly krystal // girl's day ; minah and sojin but mostly minah
4. all-time bias 
exo chanyeol & snsd taeyeon
5. favorite maknae 
sehun. thanks to his somehow adorable poker face he made it here. but i love zitao too oh i dont know too many maknaes
6. favorite leader 
suho. this joonma deserves to be everyones favorite leader because of his charming, caring and loving nature to his members. he is like a real mother to the members. he takes care of them very well too. and it touches me everytime he says "exo lets love", from the way he expresses his love to the other members made me realized how much he sincerely loves them.g
7. favorite song 
too many sighs. exo ; angel, dont go, peterpan, baby, baby dont cry & growl // snsd ; forever, love&girls, lingua franca, galaxy supernova, star star star, baby maybe, promise, lost in love, all my love is for you, etude, reflection, vitamin, girlfriend, snowy wish, mistake, closer *taeyeon solo ost* top secret, trick, visual dreams, dear mom, into the new world & stay girls // f(x) ; dear daddy, so into u, beautiful goodbye, goodbye summer, no more, gangsta boy dangerous, shadow, airplane, toy, sweet witches & ice cream // shinee ; aside, wowowow, honesty, spoiler, moon river waltz, replay, hello, green rain, keeping love again, your name, better off & a-yo // others ; lovely day - apink, time spent walking through memories - nell, 60 seconds - kim sunggyu, coma - b.a.p,  moya - aoa black, bounce - cho yong pil, disturbance, boa, fly - epik high, heaven - ailee, 0330 - ukiss, i need you - k.will, imagine - btob, stop it - b.a.p, irresistible lips - btob, in the summer - infinite, just go - rania, let it snow - jang hyunseung ft. lee gikwang beast,  love is only you - aoa, 24 hours - sunmi, my girl - btob, my student teacher - nc.a, madness - miss a ft. ok taecyeon 2pm, ring ma bell - two x, do you want some tea ? - hello venus, rose - lee hi, solo - c-clown, sweet love - fiestar, love sick - tahiti, tease me - seo in guk, only one - boa, wanna do - kang jiyoung kara, way - kara, we hope to become lovers - f.t. island, white day - girl's day, yet - beast, you are so beautiful - xia, blankly - miss a, please - kim hyun joong, to my boyfriend - hyuna, your story - kim hyun joong & spectrum - sm various artistes. i might missed out some songs omg i know right its too many because i have almost 800 songs in my walkman lol and all of them are kpop & jpop songs lmao.
8. favorite japanese version of a song 
oh! by snsd & hot summer by f(x)
9. favorite english version of a song 
the boys by snsd
10. best actor in kpop 
first of all kpop is a music genre lol so what is this type of question doing here anyway im still going to give my answer. i think the best korean actor is lee min ho for me. this is only my opinion
11.  best group on variety shows
exo because i only watch variety shows when exo is the guest star. lmao but im listing out as many variety shows as i can involving other groups to be watched after my exam so i might change my mind
12. best looking 
are you kidding me ? of course all korean artistes and actors and actresses are pretty and cute and handsome and gorgeous and flawless. i cant pick the best because theres too many good looking guys and girls
 13. cutest couple
cant pick the cutest because i have more than one cute otp or couple to be listed out. as for otps ; kaiyeol, chanlu, chanse, krisyeol, taoris, susoo, sutao, seho, baekkai, sexing, chenxing, taeny, yoonyul, jeti, kryber, jungli, 2min, jongkey & ontae. for ordinary couples ; kaistal, baektae, sustal, sooyeol, kriber, seohan, lufany & minsoo. im sorry if i broke your heart im just telling the truth sighs i know people will hate me after reading this *flips table* but who cares ? because i have my own opinions
 14. who would you date
of course chanyeol *gay laughs and pushes your shoulder slightly*
15. who would you date if you were the opposite gender 
ew this is such a sensitive question, if i really had to choose, it would be coughs taeyeon coughs. i picked her because she could liven up the atmosphere and it wouldnt be took awkward if i go for a date with her because we will always have that 'something' to talk about. and shes funny too
16. who would you want as an older brother 
luhan, sehun, tao, kris, kai, d.o, baekhyun, lay, chen, xiumin & suho lmao im listing out all of the exo members *except chanyeol because i want him to be my husband lol whut*
17. who would you want as your older sister
all of snsd members, yes all 9 of them including taeyeon because i love her as a younger sister
 18. who would make a good husband/wife
i dont think chanyeol could be a good husband looool. just look at him. hes way too playful but maybe he could be a good husband. maybe he just dont show it to people. hes romantic too so yeah he would make a good husband somehow
19. favorite album
growl & wolf album because the designs are freaking awesome. both albums look like real notebooks all students would have. cool bro
20. favorite solo artist 
i thought that there would be no question about my favorite solo artistes lol so i have listed them out for the "favorite group" question. boa, kangta & j-min
21. favorite underrated group 
nell & rainbow
22. favorite music video
0330 by ukiss, growl, wolf drama version by exo, only one by boa & disturbance by boa. excellent story lines good job *thumbs up*
23.  favorite dance
growl because its just damn awesome you know when they do the e.x.o part sobs
24. favorite costumes or outfits 
i got a boy era by snsd. the outfits are so colourful i cant get my eyes off of their outfits lmao
25. favorite remix
dream girl by shinee remix for music bank special anniversary 2013 i guess. cant really remember
versus round

26. 2ne1 or kara
kara because i really love all of their songs plus i think 2ne1 is a bit weird on stage but when off stage i found them interesting but still, i have to go with kara because their music suits my taste
 27. snsd or after school
listen carefully for im going to shout snsd as loud as i can until my organs could come out from my chest lol eww
28. f(x) or t-ara
prepare for the loudest shout ever screaming for f(x)
29. big bang or 2am 
big bang because 2am mostly produces ballad songs and i easily gets bored. so yeah big bang because their music is cool too. but same as 2ne1, they're weird somehow on stage lol idk why yg ent produces lots of weird artistes
30. dalmatian or trax
trax because i support sm artistes and i love jungmo
31. shinee or 2pm 
shinee bro shinee. i prefer shinee's music over 2pm's
32. cnblue or sm the ballad 
sm the ballad because i freaking love jino like really i repeat really. im still waiting for his debut omg fk u sm just please debut jino for everyone's sake
33. super junior or b2st 
super junior because sexy, free & single im ready to bingo lol whut did i just write
34. yuri or yoona snsd
seriously ?! i cant separate yoonyul i just cant, no one can
35. jonghyun or key shinee 
youre asking me to pick between perfect and flawless
36. minho or taemin shinee 
i have to go for taemin sorry 2min because my friend would kill me if i pick both of them
37. yoseob or dongwoon b2st
yoseob because of his voice and aegyo
38. top or g-dragon big bang
g-dragon because my friend warned not to fall in love with top lol i didnt tho and i would still have picked g-dragon even if she didnt warn me because somehow gd is kawaii
39. gikwang or hyunseung b2st
hyunseungie. please, he is my bias from beast
40. cl or minzy 2ne1
cl because she is really cute off stage ! and shes really cool and positive
41. dara or bom 2ne1
dara obviously because shes my ultimate bias in 2ne1. shes cute and funny and to chanyeol ; lets fangirling and fanboying over her together later okay ?
 42. luna or krystal f(x)
youre asking me to pick between pretty and beautiful
43. victoria or sulli f(x)
youre asking me to pick between funny and humorous
44. amber or amber f(x) 
you left me with no choice than to pick amber lmfao
45. jessica or tiffany snsd 
tiffany because her eye smile never fails to win me
46. sooyoung or sunny snsd 
cant. pick. please. i love both sooyoung and sunny. i love sooyoung because shes funny and hilarious and shes pretty and tall. and i love sunny because shes cute and adorable
47. yonghwa or jonghyun cnblue
sorry i cant pick because theyre both equal to me
48. siwon or heechul super junior 
theres noooo freaking way im choosing between these two because ill go with both of them. i love siwon because hes handsome and manly and flawless and kind and i love heechul for being so blunt and cool and pretty and funny anyway welcome back heenim
49. yesung or donghae super junior 
yesung. his voice wins.
50.  leeteuk or kyuhyun super junior
kyuhyun the evil maknae for the world hehe
funny round

51. funniest girl group and funniest girl in the group
snsd, sooyoung and hyoyeon, i cant pick between these two because they are both hilarious. snsd is the funniest girl group because theyre dorks
52. funniest guy group and funniest guy in the group
exo, my opinion. and baekhyun is the funniest member among all
53. funniest group of all
exoshidae *mehrong*
 54. funniest person of all
although kwanghee, jokwon and etc. are like the funniest of all, they never made me laughed as hard as baekhyun did
55. funniest dance
bar bar bar by crayon pop. jumping and jumping and die lol joke no no i love crayon pop since before bar bar bar era D: they are like the second generation of girl's day
56. funniest song
love&girls by snsd. i have no idea what does this line has to do with the song, "ooh like an alien ! i twinkle and glitter, shine !" lmao and the overall song meaning is hilarious
57. funniest costumes or outfits
bar bar bar era by crayon pop, with all those helmets why wouldnt it be funny
58. funniest music video
twinkle twinkle by girl's day. lol its really funny you should watch it if you havent. i miss this era so much sighs. and i miss jihae
59. funniest couple
chanbaek omg just imagine what will happens if happy virus collabs with joker. but i dont ship chanbaek though sorry i just dont and i hate this otp omg sorry chanbaek shippers
60.  funniest parody
apink cat parody lol they make a horror mv out of the song but somehow i found the story line hilarious xD
61. funniest buffalaxed version 
muzik by 4minute the part where they said "i like that music fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-funky music", i misheard it as "i like that music fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fxcking music"
62.  funniest variety show episode with a kpop artiste
the horror special where suzy from miss a appeared in running man and became a ghost with song jihyo
63. funniest impersonation
yixings christina impersonation, kais squidward impersonation & baekhyuns motorbike impersonation
64. funniest face 
sunggyu because whenever he smiles and laughs, his eyes are fully close lmao but its cute
65. funniest mistake onstage
taemins pants ripped while performing sherlock. i cant remember where did they perform
how devoted i am round

66. do you have any kpop posters and if so how many
too many i cant even count
67. do you have any of the original cds 
68. if you have bought any kpop songs on itunes how many have you bought
sadly, never. because the payment method is difficult and i dont literally understand how to buy songs or albums on itunes
69. have you ever covered a kpop song or dance if so have you posted them online
yes, i sang dont go by exo but i have deleted it sorry *winks*
70. have you ever participated in a kpop flash mob 
no but someday i hope i can join one
71. have you ever been to a live concert 
a. really. sensitive. question. no *cries*
72. have you ever talked to a kpop artiste in person 
how can i talk to them when they actually live miles away from me and when i had never even been to any kpop events
73. do you have anything signed by a kpop artiste
yes, by chanyeol shhhhh
74. do you check allkpop or any other kpop news website daily or on a regular basis 
on regular basis
75. do you have a kpop tumblr if you dont have you looked at other kpop tumblrs 
yes i do have one dearestexo.tumblr.com follow me :*
the beginnings round

76. how did you get into kpop
by self. i got addicted to the song beautiful by beast and got into kpop from that day onwards
77.  what was the first song you ever heard
like i said, beautiful by beast
78. first group you knew about 
79. first group you really got into
80. how long has it been since the first time you discovered kpop 
4 years going 5
81. did you like it or dislike it when you first discovered kpop 
before i met beast, i used to be one of the kpop haters out there but i was totally wrong about kpop omg dont hate me because i have already changed my mind since then
82. is your current favorite group the first one you discovered 
no *mehrong*
83. if not, how long did it take you to discover your favorite group 
middle of 2011 when sooman first announced of debuting a new boy group *exo* as m1 and m2 and rumours floating around saying that the group would be consisted of 20 members and i remember how elfs hated the upcoming group so much because they said that sooman is trying to replace super junior by debuting exo because exo is the second group in kpop history to have huge amounts of members after super junior
84. first variety or reality show you watched that had a kpop artist in it
mtv b2st almighty
85. first song or mv or pic or whatever that made you fangirl screaming 
beautiful, fiction and bad girl mv by beast
least favorites round

86. least favorite group and least favorite member
sistar, all members. because theyre way too sexy. as i have said earlier, i dont like sexy concepts but girl's day is exceptional for i also dont know why but my heart says yes to girl's days sexy concept
87.  least favorite guy group and least favorite member
none i guess
88. least favorite girl group and least favorite member
sistar. all members
89. least favorite member of your favorite group
none because i love them equally, its like chanyeol and taeyeon are 1st but all of the other members came in 2nd
 90. least favorite song
please by kim hyun joong
91.  worst looking
none please they are all pretty and handsome what more can i say
92. who would you never want as an older brother 
chanyeol because i want him to be my husband loooooooooool you may laugh
93. who would you never want as an older sister 
taeyeon because i dont want to have a sister whos prettier than me
94. least favorite solo artist 
j-min because she rarely produces new music and often pays attention to her japanese career
95.  least favorite music video
only one by boa. because the story line is too familiar
96. least favorite dance 
sexy concept dance for girls because i just cant i hate it please
97. least favorite costumes or outfits
bias dedication round

98.  if you were only able to say five words max to your bias what would you say
can i be yours, today ? *to chanyeol*
99. if your bias kissed you how would you react 
like a living dead because i am just too surprised 
100. if your bias asked you to marry him or her how would you react 
i will definitely and straight away say yes and cried out of happiness *teary eyes*
so thats it. omg sorry for the long post because as you know there are 100 questions here so yeah its 1.19A.M. right now in my country. i should sleep and im sleepy lol bye
im going to work on my tasks starting tomorrow. luckily we'll be having 3 straight holiday starting from today. i would have enough time to finish them. fighting ! *to myself* and i must start studying starting next week sighs i really cant wait to achieve full freedom *cries* wish me luck in everything that i do. btw i might do another challenge tomorrow an exo related one bye 

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