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hurrooooo ;
Friday, September 13, 2013 ,3:47 PM (+ 0)

first of all i wanted to say, please don't kill me baek stans i just have this urge feeling that tells me to put this gif for my new post. baekkie please, you don't have any permission to do aegyo for me, i repeat, for me *coughs* you have ruined my life enough with all of your aegyo *facepalm* can't deny his puppy face cuteness. now i know why baekdorable has so many stans.

my results ;

btw lets get back to what i am planning to write in the first place. first of all well i guess some of you already know that i have changed my url from exodusuoshi.bs.com to chanyeol-desu.bs.com because my old url is just too complicated lol sighs. i also want to be free from all those burdens i had been receiving as my old url but literally it failed because i'm still receiving as many burdens as i have received from my old url sighs. you just dont want to know what is my problem

anyway im feeling lucky today. i got my essay paper and my religion paper today and my marks from both papers have increased although it is not far away from my mid-term marks for both papers. i'm pretty much satisfied too. i got 75/85 for my essay paper and 79/100 for my religion paper. my english teacher also said that i have improved. she even wrote notes on my paper for both sections, section a & b. for section a which is the guided writing *format essays like article, speech, report etc.* i got 32/35 and my teacher wrote this on the bottom right of the page "Good *a smile emoticon*". i have no idea that she had time to write such things

and for my section b which is the continuous writing *free writing essays like story, facts, opinions etc.* i got 43/50. i chose this question <write a story entitled 'my diamond necklace'> and wrote a romance story. i put korean names as the characters' names lmao and guess what did my teacher wrote this time ? she said, "excellent story line. thanks to korean movies i guess *a smile emoticon*" me and my classmates laughed so hard at that because i wouldn't expect my teacher to write things like that xD she is a strict teacher too but somehow she is understanding and caring. she is like the best teacher in the whole wide world. she is my favorite teacher anyway lol.

btw, i will never tell you the story line of my story :P i will not be posting it as my fanfic too because i want to keep it a secret. sorry i dont even feel a pinch of guilty haha good luck with getting curious *smirks* anyway about my religion paper, it is quite hard so i was amused to see my mark. thank god i scored high for section b because it is easier than section a. all praise to allah, alhamdulillah :)

wish me luck for my other papers okay ! i pray for your success too. good luck and all the best to all of you fighting !

my growl & the misconceptions of us albums ;

i have already received my growl & the misconceptions of us albums since the past few weeks. i was not able to tell you earlier because i was having my trial and it has just ended 3 days ago. so yeah are you curious of who did i get for the photocards ? lemme tell ya then
  • Growl album (kiss ver.) - tao
  • Growl album (hug ver.) - kris but traded it for sehun
  • The misconceptions of us - group or ot5
so lucky to have you uwooo ~ *sings lucky by exo* lol yeah you just dont know how happy i was when i first got them. reasons why im happy although i didnt get my chanyeol are because i traded kris for sehun, before i traded my kris ; because kris is so fabulous in that photocard, tao too and because i got one of my fav otp photocards together ; taoris, they are really fated guys,  although i hate group photocards, shinees album is exceptional because the group photocard is really damn awesome i could cry han river and because it is considered as getting my bias photocard because my bias taemin is also in it. eww wth am i trying to say

btw, i heard that snsd is making a comeback on 31st october omg why 31st why not earlier because that date is really close to my exams date which is on 7th november *cries* im still going to spazz about their mv and album though if the rumour is true that theyre going to comeback on 31st october. spazz only takes 30 minutes to be done well basically for mv & album spazzing. of course its more than 30 minutes maybe 1 hour to spazz them on shows. looks like i only get to spazz over them on varieties and radio appearances after my exam sighs. i hope theyll comeback with a more normal song because for me, i got a boy came out epically, its like youre hearing 3-4 different songs in one song. this is just my opinion btw. i miss the boys era its like the best era ever.

anyway i might do a double post today lol who cares bye
my chemistry teacher says electronegativity as electronaegativity and the only thing i could think of is electronaegajeiljalnagativity pmsl. sorry but i think my english is becoming worse sighs you must understand that english is my 2nd language

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