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random games because im bored ;
Saturday, September 14, 2013 ,9:08 PM (+ 3)
omg joonmyunas eye smile *dies*
hello guys today im going to do a game too because im bored lol feel free to do it too and please comment the link to yours so that i can read it :* btw leggo

my korean name
kang ha ji - lol thats weird
 kpop relationship
engage to chanyeol, true love is luhan, bro friend is sunggyu and long lost brother is sehun - lolol omfg im engaged to chanyeol and my true love is luhan and luhan is my 2nd bias in exo omg what kind of fate is this eww
kissing exo
you got kissed by baekhyun and he played with your ***** - omg whut da heck ***** 
exo husband
 you marry xiumin and have 4 kids together - okay baozi thats too many lol
your marriage with exo 
at your marriage with chen, you have 10 guests and xiumin barges in and shouts "LAME !" - okay i know youre jealous xiumin lol
life with smtown oppars
youre going to be a friend of jaejoong who thinks youre a nerd - lol okay jaejoong OKAI
your exo otp
your otp is krisyeol - indeed *winks*
your special power
you have something cool but still loses every time - wtf are you trying to tell me lol i dont understand
holiday with exo 
you will go to namsan tower with chen but sehun finds out and eats you - EAT ME ?! PUAHAHAAHAHAHAH I CANT HELP BUT LAUGH YOUR STOMACH SIZE IS NOT ENOUGH HUNNIE KEEP ON DREAMING
what fangirl are you
youre the creepy stalker fangirl - accurate 
exo love
youre with suho. the trouble is luhan but you ended up falling in love with chen - the trouble is always luhan because he loves me so much so hes jealous lol
your kpop future
youre going to marry minho and have 2 kids and you both are living in seoul. your girl best friend is eunji and your guy best friend is gikwang - omg minhooooo i wish it was chanyeol tho looool but im satisfied with my girl best friend tho
how much exo loves you
kris is in love with you by 30% today - at least 30% is better than nothing anyway his love will grow for me day by day *eww you can puke rn*
you meeting exo
you meet d.o and as he pushes you, he said "my girl" - yes im your girl kyungsoo, i am
your crazy night with exo
you will have threesome with tao and kai and got caught by kais brother - HAHAHAHAHAH WTH 
your exo power
your power is frost or ice like xiumin - high 5 xiumin. anyway the only think that i could think of is finally i can beat chanyeol by frosting his powahh and fireballs
your relationship with exo
your boyfriend is chanyeol and you hate lay because he stole your candy - dkjsgkjhkfjkg chanyeol omfg *dies* and why would i hate such a cute guy like lay i wont and never will i hate him *cries* even if he stole my candy *cries* 
your exo admirer 
xiumin secretly admires you and he said he loves you - xiumin-ssi, why me ? *blushes*
your life with exo
you will marry lay, kill luhan, get pregnant by d.o and punch baekhyun all in one day - omfg i will marry lay *cries of happiness* why would i kill qt luhan tho TAT and omfg d.o you pervert and nooooo i will never punch puppy baek TAT theres no way i will
favorite exo member 
your favorite member is d.o because hes so cute you cant even - yes d.o is cute but i will never steal d.o from my friend :(
your snsd wife
you will marry seohyun in busan and have 5 kids together - lol sorry but woman-woman cant have kids btw im straight and i just did this for fun ;-; 
cute k-idol scenario
you and junsu went to the woods and kissed in the rain - omgggg junsu is indeed my bias from jyj *cries happily* 
whos your exo bias
ayo your bias is le chen flan - youre so wrong but i love chen too ppyong 
who is your kpop bias
your bias is onew - wrong lol but onews cute when hes with his chicken but onew will never be my bias because onew is aeras
date with exo
youre on a date with baekhyun and ****ed while lay was fapping - AHAHAHAH WTH 
your drama with exo 
you will watch horror drama with luhan and tried to seduce you but smiled happily - you already did luhan, you already did
life with exo
youre married to lay and have 5 kids. you live in a mansion and your pet is xiumin - omg my pet is cutie baozi TAT 
exo encounter
you bump into kyungsoo and as youre apologizing he screams before being pulled away by sehun - lol are you a fan of me kyungsoo ?
date with sment
you went to the walmart with kris and you both cuddled each other - aww so cute 
happy life with k-pop oppa
youre married to tao. you both have 5 kids together and are an amazing couple - yeah were amazing zitao *brofist zitao* 
kpop birthday shopping
you went to ikea with himchan and got fake eyelashes for zelos birthday - looool zelo loves fake eyelashes ? haha xD 
kpop prank call
you and zelo called d.o and told him that you guys are from the police department - lol nice one poor d.o. he would have freaked out if it was real. mianhae kyungsoo-ya xD 
male kpop idol pets
 your pets g.o, thunder and myungsoo are eagerly waiting for their foods - lol im sorry that i forgot to feed you guys hahahahahahahah cute pets ~
shinee's ideal 
your ideal is choi min ho. he is so funny but sometimes he can makes you look stupid - oh thanks minho for making me look stupid sighs does minho loves me that much ?
kpop affairs
sungjong is engaged to you for 3 years but is having an affair with seohyun - cheat as much as you can idc looool but please take care of eonnie seohyun kekeke 
date with kris 
you will watch a movie with him and make out and he winks at you - STAHP WINKING I HATE YOU WUFAN
who is your k-pop soulmate
youre married to kris, he proposed you by handmaking a pinata at the white house - lmao why white house its not like obama is attending my wedding and how can you propose someone by using a pinata ? 
done and leggo to the song game ~

rules and how to play ;

  • put your itunes, windows media player or etc. on shuffle
  • for each question, press the next button
  • you must write the song name down no matter how silly it sounds
  • choose your favorite song at the moment, then click next to start [p/s: i will not start by my favorite song, i will start off by shuffling my playlist straight away]
what is your favorite lifes theme song
white night - nell . my life is all about the night
what will your boyfriend dedicates to you
magic - secret . omg im like magic to him
what is your wedding song
on rainy days - beast . lol maybe i will meet my husband on a rainy day and everytime we go out for a date, it will rains lmao
what is your favorite song
baby maybe - girls' generation . omg accurate !
how do you feel about school
no no no no no - c-real . YEAH SAY NO TO SCHOOL N0
 what is your biggest secret
round and round - t-ara . idk how to relate this.......
what is your greatest fear
russian roulette - spica . lol i never even played russian roulette before but yeah it looks kinda scary
does the person that you like also likes you back 
im not going home tonight - navi . i guess thats a no..........
what will you sing for a kpop audition
its not me - beast
what describes your enemy
closer - taeyeon . yeah closer to death lol joke
 what describes your maths teacher
what song do you fall asleep to
moon river waltz - shinee . yeah this song is like a lullaby
 how do you feel right now
dream girl - shinee . yeah im everyones dream girl *saying this sarcastically* -____-
 how do you feel about kpop
only one day - ss501 . lol wth theres no way im going to stop listening to kpop in a day
who is your best friend (leader)
g-dragon (love song - big bang)
 who is your boyfriend or girlfriend (maknae)
dongho OMGGGGGG DONGHO JUST OMG DIES (let's get - ukiss)
who is your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend (first person who sings or raps)
huh gak lmao (monodrama - huh gak)
 who will ruin your wedding (main dancer)
hyunseung aww i know youre jealous hyunseungie :* (lights go on again - beast)
best singer in kpop (choose yourself)
ryeowook because i love his voice the most out of the other suju members (opera - super junior)
best dancer in kpop (choose yourself)
idk any 24k members im sorry i know i should get to know them maybe later ? (the secret love - 24k)
who is secretly dating g-dragon (maknae)
p.o lmao are u gay gd lewl joke (synchronization 100% - block b)
 who is secretly dating yoona (leader)
rap monster omgggggg omggggg rap monster omgggggg *freaks out* (bts cypher pt.1 - bts)
who do you really admire (main dancer)
b-bomb D: (lol - block b)
 will it be okay
two moons - exo-k . lmao i guess thats a no because the world is coming to an end if there are actually two moons in this world
how are you feeling today
tok tok - mighty mouth ft. soya . yeah the time is passing by as the speed of light
how do your friends see you
hush - apink . okai they want me to be quite then okay
 will you get married
pink rocket - dal shabet . probably thats a no because i bet no one will ever make a pink colored rocket........
what is your best friends theme song
lets party - kim hyun joong . no youre not done studying yet, exam is coming so go study
 what is the story of your life
love and remember - purplay . yes...... because when i fell in love for someone even if i have stopped loving him, i will always remember him and our memories........
what was high school like
electric shock - f(x) . YES DEFINITELY BECAUSE IT HURTS
 how can you go on with your life
severely - f.t. island . probably accurate
what is the best thing about your friends
tonight - big bang . im sorry but im at home ? im not even meeting my friends pls
 what is today going to be like
bad girl - ladies' code . maybe full of nappeun yeojas around me ? or maybe im going to turn into a bad yeoja today >:D
what is in store for this weekend
clap your hands - 2ne1 . yeah im going to clap my hands all day long i guess
 what song describes you
g.r.8.u - vixx . ACCURATE
to describe your grandparents
 how is your life going
help me - miss a . because im suffering from it because of oppars lol joke
what song will they play at your funeral
baby, dont cry - exo . aww probably because people will cry for losing me. yeah dont cry because of my death xoxo *eww pika*
 how does the world see you
shadow - beast . omfg this is so true, im just like a shadow to everyone true story bro sobs
will you have a happy life
dont fall apart - hyuna . sounds like a n0 to me tsk
 what your friends really think of you
good bye - dasoni . so i have no true friends ............................
do people secretly lust after you
recipe - brown eyed girls . EWWW THAT SOUNDED LIKE A YES NOOOOOOO
 how can i make myself happy
the 2nd drawer - sunny . i must search for this 2nd drawer then
what should you do with your life
my love - b1a4 . give my love ? LOL
 conclusion ; my playlist somehow sucks *flips handphone* *flips table* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
sorry for my randomness because i was really bored tsk

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