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Screw my trial exam ;
Monday, September 2, 2013 ,2:12 PM (+ 4)
 hi guys *waves* my trial exam's results will be suck trust me. i performed badly really you dun believe then go dye. i mean die* btw lately so many things keep bugging me but i wont tell you about it because the facts are just scary. growl & the misconceptions of us album did not arrive yet so please wait for it and i will tell you who i got for the photocards *roll my eyes* lately my english sucks. asdfghjkl ;;

btw i wanted to tell you that i won a giveaway ! yeah the kpopers giveaway by arina and aireen but i only won a badge, a running man badge but i'm grateful anyway because all my hard efforts were worth it *lol literally i didn't do anything pmsl* but yeah i'm grateful because its not easy to win giveaway plus all the unluckiness that i bring with me. you got what i meant right i know

now i'm hoping to win the new giveaway that i have just joined. pray for me and wish me luck <3 xoxo. btw guys, you know what, today my english teacher approached me and asked me suspicious questions and these are the things that she asked ; " what did you get for your mid term english paper ? " , " what did you get for pmr ? " & " what did you get for section a mid term ? " . and after i have answered all of her nerve-wracking questions, she left me with a smile and i was like WHAAAAT

omg i really, honestly, screwed myself with my essays and of course her questions almost killed me in front of her own eyes. now i kinda feel nervous well of course who don't when your teacher asks you those kind of questions and she/he just asks the questions to you. i know right, I FEEL YOU BRO

lol wish me luck and pray for my results, although i feel like crying and regretting everything that i did to my exam papers *not only the answering questions part but also the doodling on my exam paper part idk why i feel like regretting it lol* can i be lucky just for this year ? PLEASE.
lately i'm feeling the connecting between me and rapping lol shutup

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