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Saturday, September 28, 2013 ,4:33 PM (+ 0)

This post will looks ugly because there's no picture. For the first time of my life, I'm posting an entry without a picture. Lol kai wotevah.

Btw guys I'm so happy I won a giveaway and I won a exo tshirt sobs. I'm lucky about everything lately maybe its my time to shine lol please ignore this sentence *facepalm* btw im in a super duper good mood lately. Lemme tell ya about last thursday.

An all boys school came to our school to teach us on additional mathematics. I'm also a tutor who was supposed to lend them a help in the same subject. We were grouped randomly and each groups consisted of 8 students ; 4 were the students from our school & 4 were from the all boys school.

I was so lucky because I got a really jinjja handsome tutor. I'm not even kidding. He's also kind, cool & smart. Although I was a tutor, he was the one who had been teaching me like 100% of the questions we were asked to do. I know I was such a shame. Its just, I got all nervous, clumsy & blur in front of him. I even wrote this "5+2=10" and I didn't even realize.

He was the one who realized it and said "you're such a daydreamer" I blushed and I was like "can I just run back home and lock myself in my room like foreva?". That guy even asked me to go to his school, he really meant it I would say because of his serious face, the other rmc boys *rmc is the name of the school* also did the same. Well how I wish I could?

I thanked him for teaching me and he said "you had asked me like more than 10 questions and I only get "thanks" ?" I was like "so whaddaya hopin for boy" and he just smiled agcsjgskdtj ; he even gave his answers booklet to every questions and said "bring this home with you so you can revise on this" and I was like "really?!" And he nodded. Sobs he's kind right? Ikr

I actually have more moments with him but nvm I'm too lazy to type everything here. So yea that was it. But that was enough to make me happy. Thank you and I think I have a crush on that guy. Kbai

P/S ; RMC actually means Royal Millitary College. So can you imagine them coming to my school with all that cool uniforms and built bodies?! Agxgfbdhvk TAT

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