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Monday, October 14, 2013 ,1:11 PM (+ 3)
i was downloading shinees new album while i was writing this
btw hello guys, i was waiting for shinees album and i am so happy that the album has been released when i got here. yay im going to listen to all of the songs in the album after i have posted this. btw guys, i have made a new instagram so follow me @nurafiqaaah . its my personal insta btw where i post my personal pictures. if you want to follow me, feel free to do so.

im planning on contributing a new blogskin since it has been a long time since i last contributed one. but my exam is holding me back. i have like another 20 plus days before my spm omg and im not even ready yet. and im just too lazy to study ew me *facepalm* im not going to my grandmothers house because im too lazy and i want to study at home. so only my family will celebrate raya haji this year excluding me. what a sad reality right ? ik. i want to eat rendang sobs sobs

anyway, about my trial examination's results, they suck a lot okay. dont even have the guts to ask me about that lol joke. you can ask me personally tho if you are just that curious, i wont bite hehe. btw, i watched paranormal activity today and i dont understand what is so scary in that movie. yea but i admit the ending was scary where katie went straight to the camera lol i kinda freaked out at that part though but that was it. yea im going to watch paranormal activity 2, 3 and 4 later maybe after my spm ? idk, it depends on my sched.
you don't know me, so shutup boy. dont put your hopes up too high

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