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d-day ;
Saturday, October 12, 2013 ,4:44 PM (+ 0)
because i miss this guy
hi guys finally im on my computer once in a while. maybe this is my last post until my hiatus ends. anyway today is my birthday, just sayin and i want to express how happy i am today. thanks for all the birthday wishes, presents and songs guys i will always love all of you for always being there for me. although today is my birthday, and i should be happy the whole day, i am a little bit sad because my crush dont even know about birthday and he didnt even text me for 2 days sobs. ik hes busy but can you at least just say happy birthday to me ?

i feel loved seriously. idk how to thank you all so much. a simple birthday wish is enough to make me smile ear to ear. thank you, just thank you.

and omg guess what ? minah replied my tweet a few days ago and i freaked out like hell yea because i was so happy and its unbelievable. people dont know how much i love girls day and minah. i just dont show how much i love them. btw here's her reply potato

we were fighting about her in korean, and we were just playing around and didnt expect her to reply us. btw if you need help of what does her tweet means its "kya kya stop fighting, i only belong to my parents" thats what she was trying to say to us lol. cute right omg ikr creys. but minah, youre mine okay please.

maybe we should try spamming sojin, hyeri or yuras account after this ? lmao *evil laughs* no i was just joking but maybe we'll do it hahahahahah. im sorry girls day pmsl. btw guys ehmergerd im so excited for shinee's new album ! wake me up when its monday lol joke. i want to hear all of the songs now and how i wish i can tsk tsk *snorts* but everybody is so good i feel like crying good job shinee, this genre is definitely my jam please make more songs like everybody in the future thanks
p/s : my hiatus starts from 6th nov - 27th nov. pray for me to do well in my exam. fighting 

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