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baby i'm back
Saturday, November 30, 2013 ,11:58 PM (+ 0)
stupid chanyeol you should stop really
hi guys omg omg omg im finally back. miss me ? no i guess you dont. oh whatever anyway i have a huge & good news to tell ya ! i have opened my own online shop along with three of my friends ! do shop with us and like the page (link) thanks i highly appreciate it ! if you want to request anything, post it on our wall so we can try ask our supplier for it. first batch starts tonight @ 12AM 1/12/2013 until 15/12 for official stuffs but until 28/12 for unofficial stuffs.

anyway my life as an ex spm candidate is..... i dont know anymore because i feel like everything is still the same. yes im happy but im having this feeling which says how short my holiday is ! yes idek why. it is as if school students have longer holidays than me. maybe because im busy and time flies fast ? maybe.

too many things happened during my hiatus. i cant explain it all well lets not just talk about it because theres nothing interesting really. how about fangirling over exos comeback ? another comeback ? that means goodbye money again. luckily its just a winter album so i bet the album cost is not too high but still i have to spend my money sighs. but im excited. the teaser pictures itselfs are freaking cute and i cant contain my feelings anymore

and about exos showtime omg omg omg please come fast episode 2. its first episode is already freaking hilarious i laughed until i sounded like a frog when i talked. true story bro. thanks sm for getting exo boys their own reality show. dream comes true indeed.

idk what to write about anymore omg. lets get back here tomorrow and write my ass off. i will comeback tomorrow see ya because i want to change my annoying old skin *this skin* too because i got bored
i just realized how clumsy kris is. maybe he is naturally clumsy ? thank you exo showtime for making me realized that

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