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life is too hard ;
Friday, December 6, 2013 ,8:48 PM (+ 0)

although im done with my exam and school, my life is still as stressful as before. there are lots of things i need to do. i feel like crying, can i get back to my free and normal life. like seriously. all of these gives me headache. maybe im just the one whos lazy right i shouldnt be blaming other people

well can i go somewhere to get some peace. like a place where no one can disturbs me and i can live a real life. forgets my hectic schedule for a while. can i. omg can i just go to another world where no one can find me forever.

forget about it. im just tired. btw ive contributed a new skin on blogskins, yes it is my previous skin since a lot of people requested me to contribute it so yeah i did. and also, just to let you know, im one of the staffs for hanies graphic poster shop named panda attack. do check the shop out heres the link. im excited to work on requests again because i can just make the posters by phone from now on so its a little bit easy for me since im busy with other stuffs

ya know, i really cant wait to quit life like what they said, every hellos have their own goodbyes
uhm my english is getting worse thanks to school holiday yay

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