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retiring maybe
Monday, January 6, 2014 ,8:08 AM (+ 0)
hello guys. im still considering whether to retire from blogging world or not. well for the past 3 years i enjoyed blogging so much but seems like im not enjoying it anymore. plus my life is boring idk what to blog about day by day. maybe i will just continue doing graphics because that is like my passion, i put all of my efforts on graphic designing tho recently i have stopped using photoshop and only makes graphics using my phone. idek why i cant sit in front of the computer for a long time anymore. i will get dizzy if i sat too long.

there is nothing much to do on my computer too so yeah i think i should just stop blogging idk. im getting into the college or university soon and im 18 now, im too old for this thats why. so thank you for being with me through these days, you guys are amazing. you guys made my blogging days wonderful okay and you guys are the reason why i have been blogging for so long. so i guess this is a goodbye ? unless you see me posting a new entry lol. bye guys i love you

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dont mind me because my way of thinking is weird hAha

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