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i'm back yo ;
Saturday, May 24, 2014 ,5:40 PM (+ 0)

hey supp guys i'm back but retired from making blogskins cuz busy trololol. i'm gonna post as often as i can about my college life and stuffs so i can re-read them here when i get old lol. btw, i'm going there tomorrow and my registration is on monday. wish me luck okay, i hope everything's gonna be fine. hoping to get awesome roommates too ! fighting ! i'm so nervous tho and at the same time not ready for all of these. but what can i do ? i'll just think positive sigh

anyway, about the kris situation, you don't know how sad i am. i was literally crying for 3 days and had two horrible eyebags due to too much crying. well i'm okay now but i'm still hoping for kris to come back and i will never lose hope for ot12. i will never give up on them. i've been with ot12 since middle 2011 and i want to be with them as long as i can. this is too early, i never expected this to happen so so early sigh but everything had been planned. i can't do anything neither anyone else. let's just hope.

and fyi, i was freaking mad at this one girl. she said the people who can't accept that kris left are freaking obsessed with them and you know that's illegal in my religion. well what i wanted to say is, do you even know the feeling of losing someone in your family ? yes, kris is like my biological brother, and you will never understand girl, cuz kris was never a part of your 'family'. loving a group doesn't mean you simply love them for their looks, personalities and music. it's about having them as a part of your family and you'll never understand cuz that's how i feel for exo. losing them is like losing a part of myself.

anyway, i'm still waiting for overdose albums to arrive. idk why pos laju is being so freaking slow & problematic nowadays sigh. this is so frustrating ugh whatever bye
idk but do i even have time to make reviews lmao

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