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#2 ; a sad dream
Sunday, May 17, 2015 ,6:09 PM (+ 0)
so yeah i had a dream yesterday. idk why am i having really sad dreams nowadays like please it doesnt help my mood at all. but first i just wanted to tell you guys that i have contributed a skin after a really looooong time. you can see it at the "labels" navigation and go to "templates" okay? okay. so lets start.

so the characters in my dream are my matric crush, his best friend, my roommates as my classmates & some of my ex-classmates as my classmates as well. and this dream took place in a school plus my matric college which kinda reminds me of my secondary school & my matric college of course but i strongly think it isnt because its like two places being combined together (my secondary school and my college) . so okay leggo

okay so me and one of my roommates were just chillin' somewhere in our school while studying. the place in my dream looks like our squasy court in matric college and okay we were sitting there talking to each other with lots of books infront of us, it was kinda messy id say. we were just chit chatting until my crush came by and gave me the sticky note i used to gave him and said "here. i want you to make a copy of this so i can keep it. you can keep this one" while giving me the sticky note and i was like okay then. and then all i knew was my roommate was calling him and they exchanged weird meaningful gazes and were sending secret messages to each other using their eyes and i was sitting there watching them with weird looks.

and then all i knew was the next day came and i decided to confess my feelings to him so i did and in that dream he had a girlfriend which i knew but didnt care and then we became a couple which was supported strongly by his best friend. and the next thing i knew was we were walking at like an assembly area and everyone was watching us from the corridors above and shouted things like to show that they support us. i tilted my head to look at the maybe 3rd floor of the building and to where my class was located and all i saw was my classmates (including my roommates) were clapping, cheering and smirking at me. i was embarrassed because we were like clinging into each others' arms and holding each others' hands like ew too much romance lol so i pulled him to the nearby corridor and said this to him "please stop hugging me or holding my hands or even clinging into my arms in public. i dont like it" . he then said okay. 

after a few mins all i knew was he said that he needed to go and i was like pulling his arms not wanting him to go but he said that he had to so i said this, " okay i understand. you can go " because in that dream i could only spend the whole day time with him because night time was like the time he spent with his girlfriend. and then he smiled and left me.

and again my dream was fast forwarded to the next day and i received a news maybe from his best friend i cant remember but he told me that my crush had another girl other than his girlfriend and cheated on me. so after that i was crying and i was mad and said something and the end. lol sad right? like okay in reality he really has a girlfriend and i still havent confessed my feelings to him and i dreamt this. like please dont make my life sadder and please dont remind me of my own sadness. but on the positive side i was curious of why did i dreamt about him because its been a long time since i last did and i thought to myself maybe its a sign that im going to meet him again someday soon because he lives not really far away from my place anyway. haha but okay im still sad though

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